On the second day of high school I saw the school’s televised announcements. Two upper classmen sat behind a desk and told the events of the day. As soon as they were done, I turned to my friend and told her that I wanted to do that. I knew I could do that. A few weeks later auditions were held and I nervously read from the teleprompter. Despite my jitters, I was amazed at the television studio I was sitting in. I felt like I had left the school and gone somewhere else. A few days later, a list went up with the names of the students who had made it. My name being on that list of new anchors changed my life. I am now that upper classman, who reads the announcements, works the cameras and creates news features. It has been a long process, but I can proudly say that I am on my way to becoming very media literate. Because of this, I consider myself very fortunate and appreciate all the opportunities that I experience at school.  

Media is so new and constantly changing. Often times my Broadcast class finds itself pioneering in uncharted territory. We are blogging about the videos we create, facebooking to keep the student body up to date with our activities, and (of course) tweeting. The resources we have, which includes a news studio, teleprompters, cameras, microphones, computers, and editing software, among others, are more than a privilege to utilize. I sincerely wish that all students across the country and across the world had such resources as I do. I have learned so much because of my Broadcast classes, but much more than merely how to use the equipment or how to package a video. I have increased my ability to work as a team player and have come to realize that it is not just about my work. At the same time, I have a big responsibility and my work is very important because it is shown to so many people. This propels me to do my best, and represent our class and our school in the best way possible. I have also learned, a few times,  that failure is unavoidable, but not the end of the world- always keep trying.

By conducting interviews I have been able to enhance my people skills and my planning abilities. I have heard many enriching stories, and been able to share them with my peers. That, in my opinion, is where media literacy ultimately is heading. Through videos, social media, power points, blogs, and websites, our generation will be able to connect. We will share ideas and learn from one another.  The possibilities are endless. Students across the country could connect and share thoughts on all topics, whether it’s the civil war, calculus, parts of speech, or just surviving as a teenager. In recent times, teens have seen that we will be inheriting quite a few worldly problems. Part of the answer will have to be connection. It is comforting to think that we might be headed in a direction that will use people as resources instead of wasting great thoughts and minds. Through media, we can learn to express ourselves and collaborate in ways unheard of before. Because of this, I’m excited.  


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