So the final day has approached, and I am finished with my video. I believe it turned out very nice, but I want to explain the reasoning behind it. 

The project I choice to "re-do" was a personal essay in AP Lang that broadly focused on any educational experience or observation. Students were to write a two paged essay that conveyed these thoughts. (Real rubric is attached below). 

For this project, I thought of an entertaining aspect of the educational system, and tried to put a unique spin on it to make it creative, and personal to me. I wanted to examine the teacher-student relationship in a light hearted way, because I believe that that relationship is pivotal to a successful learning environment. It was important to me that there was some lightheartedness seen by viewers as well, as I wanted to emulate some of my personality in the project, because the essay is a "personal" essay. 

Thank you to all the teachers who participated, especially the extremely funny and excellent on-camera talent Mrs. D. 

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