This month has been crazy, yet again, between  going to the Midwest Education and Technology Conference (and trying to help where I could), working with Gateway Tech High School and KSDK on an "I'm just sayin'!" and trying to pull the prom commercial together. I have to say, along with Leo Dicera who I have been collaborating with on the commercial, we seem to have pioneered ways to create content using the studio and final cut pro. And it looks really cool. I'm really excited for the school to see it-- I hope they like it. I think it will be a big surprise...

Other than that, I pulled together a little video (AP style) for Junior Courtney Jonas (my very good friend) and her win at the area poetry competition. Way to go Court! That video will be posted shortly. 

It's been quite a month (probably because we had one extra day this February :) ) Hopefully next month will be the same!
A couple of months ago my friend and I went to a restaurant we had heard about in the Central West End, called Green Bean. The place had a unique and up-tempo vibe, and the menu- any kind of salad imaginable- was delicious and nutritious. They also are a very green environmentally friendly business! I decided I wanted to make a video profiling the up-and- coming restaurant.. and so I did!

Here is the link, enjoy!