Here it is. My last video link from  Ladue High School. Pretty crazy ride, all ending so soon. 

And for your enjoyment, our last




We're almost there. And it's crazy. 

For the senior Ladue View (our last one!) I wrote a show that had all five seniors featured in the teases of each video. It turned out pretty cool and will air on Monday. My personal project was a video on two seniors who are not going to college next year for two very cool reasons. One is joining the marines, and one is doing a gap year in Israel. The link is being posted from Schooltube ASAP.

I also helped my friend Nina with her video this month, another funny one based on Saturday Night Live's Garth and Cat. Another strange one, by we got some good laughs when it was shown in class. 
This month I did not create a video, I wanted to dive into my executive producer role instead. I tried to help other  video producers when possible, write and assist with the overall creation of the show. I'll post the link to the show because it was sort of my "project" this month. 

A really cool part to check out is a video about Mars
So here's the link to my March project. Again, it was a risk, but a fun one. We got a few laughs and a few weird stares, but all in all that's what we were going for. Here's the link.

March Project
This month I focused on a sort of quirky video with the help of a friend. We wrote and filmed the video, with the key word being quirky. It was somewhat of a risk, but it's always good to try new things. It will be posted next week after the due date, which got pushed back because of the snow.
Well, my documentary won an honorable mention in the C-SPAN Student Cam Competition. I was really pleased. There were over 2,000 submissions, so it feels really good.
Well, January came and went. And with great speed. This month consisted on hard work finishing my submission for the C-SPAN competition. My video turned out to be a seven minute documentary featuring students and teachers called "On Education, Listening to the Voices Within Our Schools". Quite a mouthful. I also assisted fellow Ladue View producer, Nina Bocchini, with her video on dance walking. This consisted of us parading around the school in workout clothes, dancing with random students. Pretty fun stuff. Her video turned out great, and I will provide the link to it, even though all credit goes to Nina.

To round off the month, I made another commentary piece with senior Emma Grady-Pawl on entering second semester senior year. Her ideas are all very true and articulate, and I will post that link as well. Overall, a successful month. 

Emma's Commentary

Second semester. And we're ready to get rolling. We've got many new faces in the Broadcast II Class, which is fantastic. As for me, I'm finishing up my education video for the C-SPAN conference, and it's really coming together. I'm excited, but of course, not expecting much in the competition end of it. I also am going to start some more Op-Ed pieces (as we call them) with students from around the school who have something to say. 
It should be a good semester. 
We have arrived at the final. My one-minute video is complete. Thanks to all the actors who participated, your help is much appreciated. The filming went well, I took a risk using the DSLR camera WITH AUDIO. The camera work turned out a little rough, but it was great practice for me and I plan on using it again soon. The idea for the final was also really neat, it let us be creative and imaginative. Music really has the ability to influence thought and emotion, and this project really proved that!

So... here's a link to my video, I hope you enjoy! (You can tell what's on my mind by the subject matter...)
The JEA video is finished, with much help from my advisor Mr. Goble. It was a good collaboration that produced a good summary of the JEA convention. The link to that video can be found HERE, or on my Videos tab. 

I am still conducting interviews, compiling and editing my C-SPAN video on education. I have learned so much about the Common Core standards and education in general from my weeks of working on this video. We need to listen to our educators more often. They have a lot to say. The video's skeleton is together, and the editing process is starting to kick into full gear. This video will be over six minutes which is the longest feature I have done. It's exciting.

On top of that, I am working on my final project which is to create a video to a one minute song chosen by our advisor. I am doing a story about growing up and going to college, and I used the DSLR camera for the first time. It was a new experience, the camera doesn't have an extended lens so it won't zoom, but hopefully the picture will be clean and artistic. That's the goal.

I will post both projects as soon as I am done.